As an individual, I can not influence the global warming trend

As an individual, I can not influence the warming trend

A fault, it’s just households that produce 40-50% of all greenhouse gases. It is almost impossible to demand that we immediately stop to drive cars and exchange all household electric appliances for A+++, but there are ways for which we can decide without drastically changing our lifestyle while preparing us and our children for worse living conditions in the future.

Experts warn that if nothing is done we can expect disaster. In this respect, activities are divided into two types. One that will lead to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the other that will prepare or mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Production of CO2 with and without climate policy
Production of CO2 with and without climate policy

In transnational agreements, this is ratified in the Paris Agreement of 2016 and in the European Directive, Directive 20-20-20, which entered into force on 9/7/2010. It has adopted three main commitments:

  •  CO2 reduction by 20% compared to 1990
  • reducing energy consumption in the EU by 20%
  • 20% share of renewable energy sources

Over the last few years, the most popular subsidies in the Czech and Slovak Republic for this purpose are:

  • support for solar panels
  • boiler exchange
  • rain water reservoirs in order to slow the outflow of surface water from the landscape


Sector share in CO2 production
Sector share in CO2 production

What can we do?


decide for housing in the energy class pasive. Today, this energy class of buildings is not a question of money. New materials, options, and companies are coming to market that offer this energy class at affordable prices. Such buildings are less demanding for overheads and therefore it is definitely an investment for you to the future.
It is pity that the prices of passive building materials in 2010 when the 20-20-20 directive entered into force were not adjusted to ensure a broad extension and to achieve the objectives of the Directive.


Biomass has recently been preferred not only for environmental reasons. Did you know how much the plant consumes CO2 in its life, as much as it produces when it burns. Therefore, the total CO2 balance is zero. The advantage of this type of fuel is the price. Gas, electricity or heat prices from heating plants are changing dramatically over the years and consumers have no way of influencing them. Changing a supplier at a lower cost may entail risks and may not be a real long-term solution.

Electrical appliances

Appliances with energy class A +++ should be the main choice. Sometimes, however, the difference in the purchase price between A ++ and A +++ is so great that it does not seem to be a clear choice. Also, when re-calculating costs, do not forget that you are based on current electricity prices, it may be different in the future and likely to be higher.


This approach may not be popular among people because of today’s lifestyle, but it is definitely beneficial. If you have the opportunity, you will have your own fruit. Growing fruit trees and bushes are not time-consuming, you will nature will ease away from transporting food to supermarkets, you are confident about bio-quality, and the taste is unmistakably better. Trees can be more demanding for space, but now almost every fruit type exits in the so-called ” making a slim spindle. The slim spindle is a type of tree that is little expanded and thus occupies much less space in the garden.

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