Mission of Yotegon

Mission of Yotegon 

     Global warming is one of the most serious environmental problems that the humanity of this planet has to face. Global warming is an indication of a complex process that results in a rise in the average temperature of the oceans and the atmosphere over a short period of time (several decades to hundreds of years) on a planet-wide scale. In short, this term is used for the climatic changes observed at the end of the 20th century. Although global warming debates often focus on temperature, climate change can also bring about changes in other geographic features, including increased sea levels, extreme precipitation, and the like. These changes trigger a variety of devastating phenomena, through floods, droughts, high heat and reduced agricultural yields to extreme weather conditions causing massive population withering.

The term global warming generally includes a human factor. The Earth is warming up and man-made greenhouse gas emissions make a significant contribution to this. Only households produce 40-50% of greenhouse gases. Therefore, it is important to recognize that it is households and individuals who can greatly contribute to the slowdown in global warming. Even though households do not choose the as first environmental friendly materials, ecological technologies and solutions to contribute to slowing down. This is mainly due to the fact that:

  • edification focuses on the importance of ecology but do not gives the people an answer to what materials and technologies to choose. Ecological and recyclable terms are often abused and are also used for materials that use primary sources of Earth and not separate waste, and are not recycled at the end of their life. Such abuse of these terms creates a situation where it is almost impossible for a regular user to choose the right material
  • economic aspect. Environmental technologies and materials are often inaccessible to the general public

Future developments on the market should focus on technologies that are designed for households and are:

  • affordable
  • focus on the use of raw materials from separated waste and do not use  primary sources
  • reduce the need for waste incineration, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases
  • its properties and parameters save energy consumption and thus reduce production of greenhause gases
  • by their properties and parameters are able to better resist climate disasters and guarantee quicker return of inhabitants from affected areas to normal life
  • are recyclable

Our mission is to improve people’s lives while preserving sustainable development and slowing down global warming. We believe that this can only be achieved when environmentally friendly tech solutions are affordable to everyone. We want to bring you such technological solutions. We want to bring you objective and useful information to help you make the right choices and contribute to the rescue of our planet.

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