Project Yotegon

Project: M_PE5 / 17

Project Phase: Milestone 2
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Project Yotegon


What is the Yotegon project?

The Yotegon project has focused on the development of new building materials designed for passive houses and homes with almost zero energy consumption.

Yotegon goal was to develop materials for environmentally friendly energy-efficient houses that would allow a wide range of properties and economic benefits, thereby contributing to increasing the number of energy-efficient buildings.

The importance of energy-efficient buildings

Prognosis of  global warming


In the EU, households account for around 40% of CO2 production. To mitigate the impact of this sector
To global warming
New building standards have been introduced regarding the energy performance of buildings.

Material properties


Ecology is not the only advantage of the new material. It has excellent thermal insulation properties. It meets the latest EU requirements for materials for the construction of energy-efficient buildings. In addition to great thermal insulation properties, the material excels in sound-insulating properties that guarantee you silence and tranquility in busy urban areas.

And another not negligible advantage is its ability to modulate the waterproofing properties while maintaining the necessary strength, which gives a new dimension to underground structures.




Thanks to its unique shape, it is possible to achieve perfect spiceless connections, thus avoiding further heat losses.



The marketplace of commonly available insulating materials designed for the construction of passive, low-energy and nearly zero-energy homes are based on polystyrene, basalt or glass wool or aluminum foil.

Yotegon is completely different in its composition and, thanks to this composition, saves natural resources. Nature relieves the construction of a building when it can be re-recycled but mainly in its production phase. It significantly reduces CO2 production and thus slows the greenhouse effect.

What is customer profit?

Quality – a house of material developed according to the latest methods and knowledge from the field of construction. The design has taken into account the achievement of a balanced balance between thermal conductivity and thermal accumulation.
The price – we care about ecology, the next generations, and global warming. The aim of this project was to develop high-quality ecological material that would be accessible to a wide range of people and thus help to expand the energy-saving structures that will help slow down global warming, so the price will be very friendly
Good feeling- you actively participated in the fight against warming

When and where will the material be purchased?

The material is currently in development, we will inform you about other milestones and dates.

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