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Your gift will make a big difference,  we are happy for each donation

I want to support the Institute of Yotegon / I want to support a specific project – how to do it?

You can send us the financial contributions in the following ways. In both cases, when filling in a project number in a note, the enclosures will be assigned to a particular project and will not be filled in by the project number, then they will be broken down into projects according to the management decision.

If you are interested in regular posts, please contact us, you will be given a variable symbol.

a- direct to bank account:


IBAN: CZ 04201 0000 000 2101 2122 71



IBAN: CZ 91201 0000 000 2801 2122 72


b-through pay pal. For this, simply press the button. We would also like to inform you that this form of payment is considered safer, but it is unfortunately taxed also

Thank you very much

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